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Literally going to start blocking people that post unrelated shit in the ‘S3CC’ tag just to get likes.

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I think you're great. ♥

This was nice and random :’)

Thank you! ♥♥

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Where did get your cc scars ??

I don’t have scars on my sims? I think? If I do they’d be easy to find on ms3b just by searching scars

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Where did get them tattoos

I put them on my sims skin myself, the pictures are from google images and deviantart and stuff.

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Did you pay for 7-zip ??

No idk how I got it hahaha

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Are your sims up for download


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Your edits are amazing. ;-;

Oh :’) thank you! I’m glad someone’s noticing! I changed my process of editing :) ❤️

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"That’s unfair as fuck"

"You looked cute though. Like a sweeter, much more innocent version of yourself"

"I’m innocent" He smiles, unable to keep a straight face as the words leave his mouth, "…well, of some things"

"I don’t think there’s anything you’re innocent of, Jax"

"I’m still cute tho?"

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Aruri lifts her eyelids slowly to peek at Jax as he groans and his arm around her stomach tightens.

"You awake?…Finally?"

He just groans again and sighs, his warm breath against her neck sent chills up her spine.

"Mmm no. I’m asleep. We’re both asleep. Shhh…"

His voice was husky because he was half-asleep and it was the first time since they’d broken up that Aruri has had the pleasure to enjoy the tone of his after-nap voice. It’s one of those little things she loves.

"No we’re not stupid" She jokes, "wake up"

He ignores her, eyes squeezed together.

"I took a picture of you while you slept and tweeted it"

His eyes snap open.

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icrvesims said: psh no way

you pelican

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