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Come back 😭 everyone misses you <\3



I love you :’o

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where ya at boo?

Haven’t been into the sims lately :o

I got this feeling just then like I wanted to go in game, so I open up my laptop, check tumblr for inspo and see this yayz

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Just finished reading everything from the start to the end! LOVED IT! Please update!

Thanks for reading!! I’ll update as soon as I can :D

Your support keeps me going, I really appreciate it :)

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Love > Revenge everyday all day ! Please update!

Haha I’ve been busy with school but I might get in game on the weekend, no promises though!

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Maybe now I’ll get some closure, maybe he’ll tell me where he went and why he left and why he didn’t say anything beforehand.

My stomach churns and I begin to feel sick - I hate this stupid feeling. I really, really hate it. I want to know so bad that I’m becoming physically sick.

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I never wanted to let go of him. Maybe the naive little girl in me is afraid that if she lets go she’ll lose her best friend again…

Bec is obviously by best friend, my partner in crime, and we’ve been friends since pre-school. But Caspar and I… our friendship is complicated. But he’s always been considered my best friend too, I just kind of try to forget about him most of the time because I haven’t seen him since he left when we were kids.

I was only little, Caspar and I spent every single day together and then all of a sudden he’s gone without a word, without a trace. Bec knew him too, but she wasn’t as close with him as me - she was the kind of girl that thought boys had germs and she didn’t want to be around them. It’s ironic because now she’s all about being around boys.

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More Love > Revenge pleeeeeease! I love this story so much! <3

Theres only two more posts in the queue, unfortunately! And then Love > Revenge is taking a little break :( ♥

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"I’m so glad you’re here" I try to say, muffled, as my face was still against his shirt that I’m probably ruining with my makeup. He understands though, he always does. He gives me a squeeze tighter in response.

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Ever since the fool showed up at the house directly in front of mine yesterday afternoon, I can’t get my goddamn crush out of my head.

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You're SOOO beautiful! Like 😍☺️




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You know why I love simblr so much? Most of all, because nobody I know in real life is on here or knows it’s me if they are on here but I doubt that. So I can treat you all like my best friends and just tell you anything, and completely be myself.

Like how I told y’all ASAP that I saw my crush next door hahahahha soznotsoz

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Take a selfie pleasee

I probably will today as I’m going out with friends in about 3 hours HAHAH but when I post selfies on here I take them down very quickly so if I do post one, you will probably miss it