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“Just get off my back, woman”

“You know what, Aiden? I don’t understand why my mum even cares so much about you, because all you do is treat her and everyone else like shit. But she cares, she does, and that’s okay – that’s who she is, she just cares a lot. She wants the best for you, she wants to help you and your family. And if that means you have to live here for a while, and it makes my mum happy that she’s doing something to help you guys, then whatever – I’m cool with it. But the moment you make my mum feel like shit, you and I really will have a serious fucking problem.”

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Oh jeez. He’s naked. Well, not completely. But… still naked. Not as naked as I was when he saw me-ugh, no, I can’t even think about that.

“Do you actually want something or are you just here to stare at my half-naked body like a thirsty bitch?”

Its crazy how just as the words leave his mouth, anything I may have just felt that even resembles desire for the body I was just looking at completely leaves me and is replaced with anger. He disgusts me sometimes, he honestly does.

“Where were you yesterday?”

“Are you my fucking keeper?”

“No, but at the moment my mum is and you scared her, you asshole”

“Don’t pretend either of you give a shit”

“Believe it or not, you dick, she cares.”

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I love Love > Revenge and I also love you, you seem to be such a wonderful, adorable, sweet person. You're a great writer and a great person and you have a great blog. Sorry, I'm a bit emotional right now haha but I really wanted you to know this. Stay awesome! <3


This was so nice to wake up to, especially cause I had such a crap sleep!
I dont know what else to say but thank you so much and omg y so anon? You’re so sweet, thank you for even taking the time to write this to me!


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I woke this morning with a positive attitude – I’m not going to let the desire to know why Caspar left out of nowhere ruin whatever time I have with him. He called last night and apologised for being weird then asked to meet me today, as if I’d say no. But first, I have to see if Aiden’s back. I stand before his door, inhale-exhale, and knock.



“Can I come in for a minute?”


Great, someone’s in a bad mood – when isn’t he?

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"Maybe we should talk about that another time… I should probably go now."


"It really was so good to see you again, Clea. I look forward to next time."

"Wait-how long are you in town for?"

"I’ll still be here when you wake, don’t worry."

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I didn’t want to ask so soon, we’ve only started talking 15 minutes ago but it’s at the tip of my tongue - it’s the elephant in the room. The HUGE elephant in the room. And it just came out.

"Why did you disappear?"

Caspar’s signature cute as a button smile vanishes and his face becomes expressionless, he’s not even looking at me anymore - he’s looking past me.

"Sorry about that… I can’t imagine how that must have felt for you"

"…Where’d you go, Cas?"

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Oh my god, I just started reading Love > Revenge today and it is so good. Holy shit, how did I not start reading this sooner. Thank you so much for writing this, it's so amazing and I cannot wait to continue reading it!!

When I receive questions like these, it really blows my mind cause I dont understand how people actually like my story this much. Its so nice, thank you :)

I hope you dont mind that I published this xxx

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I thought since y’all so eager for an update I’d make Aiden an ask.fm account so you can ask him questions to somewhat satisfy and entertain you until new posts emerge (they’re coming very soon).

There’s some things you should know, first…

  1. Whatever is answered on Aiden’s ask.fm is 100% in character and remember, Aiden’s a dick, so if he bites your head off - you’ve been warned.
  2. Aiden’s ask.fm may have spoilers if you’re not up to date
  3. All questions will be answered unless it’s spam
  4. Try to remember his world in Love > Revenge when you’re asking him questions/talking to him… he’s going to react and behave to things exactly like he would in the story, this is all in character and is set in the world that is shown in the story. For example, Aiden’s family are huge international business owners in their world and almost everybody knows the ‘Emerson’ name. Especially the people in his town. You have to consider these things when you ask him stuff.
  5. You CAN ask him his opinion on characters/events/etc… you can ask anything, really. You can even be a thirsty hoe.



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"It’s so good to see you, Clea. In the risk of sounding profoundly cliché and sappy for a moment… can I just say that this feels like finding that one puzzle piece that I lost a long time ago, and now I feel rather complete?"

Cheesy. So cheesy. But Caspar was always a mushy guy, as much as he hated it - at least he could always admit it. And it always put a smile on my face anyway, rather than making me want to vomit - if it were anybody else I definitely would vomit. But it’s so good to see him. Like, so good.

"I can’t even put into words how amazing this is… to see you again" I admit

Damn it, I can never filter myself when Caspar’s around - I always say how I’m really feeling and what’s really on my mind. Even if I don’t want to.

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Old friends reunited: Tammy & Jax.

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When will you be publishing the next segment of L>R? I cannot wait to read more. :)


Either tonight or tomorrow morning at 7

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What should you do before the new update?

  • CATCH UP on the latest posts to see if you’re up-to-date, and ready for the new ones!
  • Be aware of the new and last CHANGES made to Aiden & Clea « YOU MUST KNOW THIS, PLEASE LOOK TO AVOID ANY CONFUSION.
  • Make sure you are TRACKING Love > Revenge

What should you do just for fun?

  • Take a look at the L>R Directory, browse the “extras” section and/or the buttons under it :)

What if you’ve never read L>R?

Stay tuned.