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People seemed to like Alix a lot so I went and made him a brother named Tray :3

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is your Alix sims 4 sim up for download? (please say yes)

Unfortunately he’s not! Sorry xx

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To buy heels for my graduation or buy The Sims 4…..

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Luc kicks the ball from under Cory’s foot, and heads towards me with it, “Do you still have the key to the cave?”

There’s also a question I’ve been expecting.

“Even if I didn’t, it wouldn’t be a problem”

The cave is my place, if my ‘parents’ dared to try take it from me I’d just break in and leave them to deal with any legal drama if the alarms go off. Surprisingly my parents took the house but left me the cave, only to use as I normally would – to hang out with my boys. They made it very clear I can’t live there. I don’t know why they want me living with the fucking Layton’s so damn bad… I’m not going to burn the place down.

“Sweet, let’s throw a party there!”

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Cory stops the ball with his foot, “Who’s the chick?”

“Does it really matter?”

“You can’t remember her name, can you?”

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Rules: just insert your answers to the questions below and tag at least 10 people.

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Name: Elena (that’s my cover up name doe, so nobody I know finds my simblr & cause I’m easily google-able with just my first name cause its a weird ass name, I think I’ve explained this before ANYWAY)

Nickname(s): A LOTTTTT but I will give you one that I’m usually referred to as by my best friend….. “Jazzles”.
Birthday: December 26th (yes, boxing day)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Height: I actually measured myself for the first time last week, 5’6
Time zone: (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
What time and date it is there: 11:07 AM, 31/08/2014

Average hours of sleep I get each night: Well I got 8 last night but I stayed up till 2am watching a TV series from start to finish with 4 seasons

OTPs: Don’t get me started. We can go all day.
The last thing I googled was: “Awkward” episode guide

My most used phrase(s): Probably a selection of random curse words put together, like “fuckdick”, that’s a frequently used one.
First word that comes to mind: You’re welcome
How many blankets I sleep under: One
The last movie I watched in the cinema: The Inbetweeners 2 also, and I agree with Kaysie - it sucked. Waste of money. I found myself checking my phone during the movie, which I’ve never had to do before.
Three things I can’t live without: Internet, my phone, makeup.

Something I plan on learning: All about DSLR’s

A piece of advice for all my followers: If a so called “friend” is putting you down all the time, but nice 20% of the time, drop them girl that bitch ain’t cool SHE JEL you can do better
You all have to listen to this song: EVERY ALBUM ON TAYLOR HENDERSON’S CD THAT IT ALL OK BYE

I tag: You. Yes, you.

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Aiden’s POV

“Where’ve you been livin’ since your oldies left, Aid? I went to your place the other day and it’s locked down, completely empty”

I knew it was only a matter of time until one of my mates would ask me that question. I could lie, but that would be harder to keep up with. I don’t really care if they know anyway - I’ll say I’m staying with a girl and they’ll probably just assume I’m rooting her and leave it at that.

“I’ve been staying with some chick” I say, and kick the ball with little concentration as Cory tries to block me but it goes flying over the other side of the field

“Does she have a friend?” He asks, as he chases the ball

“Yes, actually. But they’re both off-bounds”

“That’s a little selfish, even for you” Luc nudges my shoulder, grin on his face

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Maybe they're talking about like sims 3 series on youtube c:

Ahh, nah I’d never be able to do that - waaay too much work and it wont be as good cause I wont be able to make my own animations and stuff, plus the animations go in slow motion and I hate that.

It just loses the effect, know what I mean?

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you should make love revenge into a sims 3 series. it'd be really cool!

What do you mean? It already is, isn’t it??

I’m confused

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“Just get off my back, woman”

“You know what, Aiden? I don’t understand why my mum even cares so much about you, because all you do is treat her and everyone else like shit. But she cares, she does, and that’s okay – that’s who she is, she just cares a lot. She wants the best for you, she wants to help you and your family. And if that means you have to live here for a while, and it makes my mum happy that she’s doing something to help you guys, then whatever – I’m cool with it. But the moment you make my mum feel like shit, you and I really will have a serious fucking problem.”

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Oh jeez. He’s naked. Well, not completely. But… still naked. Not as naked as I was when he saw me-ugh, no, I can’t even think about that.

“Do you actually want something or are you just here to stare at my half-naked body like a thirsty bitch?”

Its crazy how just as the words leave his mouth, anything I may have just felt that even resembles desire for the body I was just looking at completely leaves me and is replaced with anger. He disgusts me sometimes, he honestly does.

“Where were you yesterday?”

“Are you my fucking keeper?”

“No, but at the moment my mum is and you scared her, you asshole”

“Don’t pretend either of you give a shit”

“Believe it or not, you dick, she cares.”