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I love your attitude. People always seem to forget about the "it's just a game" part. :'D

HAHAHa ikr and its like… either way, they’re my sims. How is their body shape affecting you?

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post/97620818768 what is this? No dude looks like this, did he have ribs removed?


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Finished Jax’s tattoos for now.

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rant about Jax & twitter and shit

I actually love being able to play characters through my sim’s twitters. Esp characters with such depth and interest like Jax.

I mean, he’s a massive man-whore there’s no denying that - but I enjoy being able to gradually change his personality and his way of thinking and reacting to things.

It used to be hard for me to take myself out of it when I’m on Jax’s twitter, like not react to things the way I would react or say things I would say and instead say things that Jax would say, even if I don’t like it. That used to be difficult for me but I’ve got the hang of it now and it’s heaps of fun.

Cause you either love or hate Jax. And an equal amount hate him and love him on twitter. I think he’s slowly winning people over though HAHAh but I actually like that some people hate him cause it makes things fun


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I finally learned how to put tattoos on skin YAY

I still need to edit this though cause one of his nipples is too hidden :3

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no1 cares

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Hi :) I was wondering when you post a selfie picture what do you usually re-size it to so that it doesn't look crappy on tumblr?

I dont resize anything usually haha

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hiii:) i wanted to ask if you could tell me what eyes and male eyebrows you're using in sims 4 if its not any trouble thank you <3

Eyebrows are base game, not custom content for the male eyebrows. Eyes are the pinstruck contacts conversion by Chisami xx

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icrvesims said: Is this a potential story? *gets hopes upppp*

HAHAH omg actually maybe a little one, but not one I commit to doing consistently haha I do really like Jax’s personality and life though so perhaps

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Did u take a break from love revenge? 😩😩😩

I frequently take little breaks from it, but I always return. It usually only lasts a month.

I’m currently just about to finish high school (next week actually) so I’m trying to spend as much time as possible enjoying still being in school while I am still in school. Cause the real world & the world after school is hard, and I’m very aware of it.

So I’m sorry for the inconvenience but real life does come first :) x

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Aruri Imani.

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Name: Jax (Jaxon) Joseph Riley

Age: 24

Occupation: Business Intelligence Analyst


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